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Today Dallas, Ed and my sister took me out for a little photo shoot and it felt absolutely amazing! I always felt intimidated and self conscious by the way I looked and didn’t feel as if I measured up to the girls I saw online. Seeing myself from these different angles helped boost my self image and confidence! I never knew I was capable of looking like this but I just didn’t know the tricks!

I’m really thankful I’m able to learn beauty techniques from my friends and it’s important to know that you’re prettier than you think you are :)

'Adopting' a teenager like I wish someone had done for me back in the day!


Preview from shooting with world famous photographer dallasnagata

About to become a Tumblr girl



I’ve always loved this artist!


Some food was not drawn because of practical reasons, others because I was too drunk.

don't blink. don't even blink. blink and you're dead. don't turn your back, don't look away and don't blink. good luck.
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i want to force like 75% of male nerddom to watch this conversation


The last time I was out under the open sky, worrying and ruminating about petty people and life in general, I looked up with bleary eyes just in time to see a firey shooting star burn through atmosphere above me.  There’s nothing like being reminded how small and fleeting we really are, and how life’s inevitable bullshit really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

These gifs are from that same night.